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Everything Beach

Do you just like to hang out at the beach and watch as the locals hang ten while you bury your toes in the sand? Or maybe you’re set to take the SUP out for an aquatic adventure, this month’s blog will give you the heads up on everything you need to know to get beach-ready.

Surf Watch:  It’s time to sit back and watch the locals in the line up as they wait for world-renowned waves that many just dream of having in their backyard.

Dog-Friendly: If your furry friend is your co-pilot, be sure to check this resource to find the most dog-friendly beaches Santa Cruz has to offer.

Tide Pooling: Are you with the kids this trip or just want to explore the coastal creatures that live under the sea?

Beachscape Confidential: Looking for a secluded picnic spot or just want to avoid the crowds today, here’s a list of beaches that are perfect.

brew cruz

The Santa Cruz craft beer scene is  flourishing with new breweries and tap rooms popping up all over the region. Here’s a listing of the craft beer destinations that are within biking and walking distance from the homes you’ll be staying at, plus a link to the best way to experience it all, Brew Cruz’s tour bus and shuttle service.

Capitola & Pleasure Point

Beer Thirty

Discretion Brewing

New Bohemia Brewing

Sante Adairius

Seabright  & Mid Town Corridor

Seabright Social

Sante Adairius

Brew CruzSanta Cruz’s Original Craft Beer Tour